City Plot Building

4 min readFeb 26, 2022

Emoticoons offers players the ability to permanently own land inside its future virtual world. Ownership of virtual property within Coon City (the mainland in the coonverse) is a compelling reason for people to invest their time and money into a metaverse, and start a bussines or earning model.

Owning a city plot means you will have a property within the future emoticoon metaverse, that automatically will generate EMO tokens.

Emoticoons City Pot PRE-SALE Box

During the initial blind box pre-sale, three different types of buildings will be offered for sale. These houses can later be adapted entirely to your own choice. Think of the interior and appearance. In the future, commercial premises such as shops and halls will also be offered. This offers players an opportunity to start a business in the emoticoon game world.

Below you will find the information per city plot.
Please note that more benefits will be added in the future.

Small House — RARE
- Floors: 1
- Fully designable
- Display NFT collection
- Staking multiplier: x5
- Supply: 1000

Residential House — EPIC
- Floors: 2
- Fully designable
- Display NFT collection
- Staking multiplier: x10
- Supply: 750

Prototype: Standard Villa House

Villa House — LEGENDARY
- Floors 4
- Fully designable
- Display NFT collection
- Staking multiplier: x20
- Supply: 500

When you own a city plot, you are the sole rightful owner of the digital real estate property as long as the NFT of the building is in your wallet. The buildings are coming with the accompanying 3D files with fully AR integrations. Owners are eligible to get a random location in coon city as soon as the players-hub opens.

Once you click on place building(s) within the players-hub, the city plot building(s) will be randomly dropped on the coon city map, from this moment your building will have a permanent spot on the map.

Coon-City Zone Map

Once Cooncity is opened during a later phase of the developing, The Emoticoons House Builder will appear in the players-hub for City Plot Holders. With this awesome feature the players can customize their house, for example: the colors, appearance of the garden and the interior.

Everyone who has access to the house builder, will receive a standard furniture pack with in-game assets to fill their house. Later, Furniture NFTs will be added via the emoticoon shop to allow players to purchase these furniture with tokens to create their ultimate dream house. These Furniture NFTs will of course be available in different editions, such as Common, Uncommon, Rare, Extra Rare, Epic and Legendaries.

The Furniture will play a bigger role in the future and will enhance the staking value of your city plot building. We will tell you all about this in detail in a later article.

Prototype: Villa House

These buildings will offer endless privileges in the future of emoticoons and provide additional staking power, storage for your game items such as prizes and wearables, display of other NFT projects, the ability to host parties, event or mini quests, automatic whitelisting for future sales, airdrops, and more.

City plot properties function as social media hangouts, much like a profile page where a user can express themselves and be visited by other users. All buildings are eligible for real-estate owner airdrops.

The future of emoticoons is going to be a very complex but hugely fun Play 2 Earn gaming experience. Before all features will appear live, we will release a very extensive emoticoon game manual.

The first city plots will be available for purchase by users in March 2022.
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ROADMAP — UPDATE: Our new Roudmap is currently being re-written by our team and will be published on our website as soon as it is ready!
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WHITEPAPER V2 — UPDATE: Our new whitepaper version 2 is currently being written by our team and will be published online as soon as it is ready!

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