Development, Team and Phase 1

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Uncommon Emoticoon Character


The most important stage of our game development, is brainstorming on how to give life to the many ideas. This is where emoticoons project started. Essentially, pre-production defines and planning what our game is about, why it should be made, and what it’s going to take to make it.


The Emoticoon white paper document is essentially the project and game’s base document. It’s a living document which helps everyone understand and get on board with the greater vision of the project. The Emoticoon whitepaper includes things like:
- The idea or concept
- Story and characters
- Core game mechanics
- Gameplay
- Art and/or sketches
- Monetization strategy
- Blockchain earn model
- Tokenomics


During this stage we created the model prototype’s of our characters, resources and all RAW future in-game assets is a test that checks functionality, mechanics, and art direction.


Production is the longest stage of our pipeline. Ranging anywhere from 1 to 2 years, production is where the game really starts to take shape. The story is refined, assets (characters, recources and buildings) are created, the rules of earning are set, levels and worlds will be built, code will be written, and so much more!

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Our experienced team ensures that all game project and community needs are met. Emoticoons will grow into a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO). An integrated on-chain open economy, driven by on-chain decentralized player governance. When the full launch stage is completed, the team will be much larger and will be building new features, that are requested by the DAO voting system. We will hire talented people to build the future of Emoticoons

Project manager
The project manager will makes sure the game development process runs smoothly, milestones are met, risks are anticipated/mitigated, and team members are doing what they’re supposed to. The project managers are the centre of communication between the dev and design teams and executives.


The start of phase 1 from Emoticoons is going to be a milestone moment for how we think about the Coonverse and Emoticoons ecosystem. It is time to lay the fundamentals to create the emoticoon metaverse future!



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Emoticoons are 3D collectibles compatable with AR technology and playable in an open world full adventures and mini-games on the wax blockchain.