Emoticoon Collectibles

2 min readMar 4, 2022


Friday March 4 and Saturday March 5 is the day, the first Emoticoon (whitelist only) box pre-sale. We are very curious what the reaction of the box owners will be, once they unpack their collectibles on Sunday.

Emoticoons Augmented Reality Play2Earn NFT Collection

The Emoticoon Augmented Reality NFT assets are of the highest quality and look great in detail. We are really looking forward to the creative photos and videos of the assets in AR that the community will share.

When you view the augmented reality assets in real life, it is of course more beautiful than in photos, but are some examples of the emoticoon team:

Eaxmple 1

Look at the finishing details!

Example 2

Every collectible box has a unique barcode!

Example 3

And a QR code that takes you to the official website

Emoticoon Character Back

Don’t miss this chance to get your hands on a unique playable & augmented reality NFT. Use Emoticoons to play, stake, earn or to create whatever you want, wherever you want. Each NFT comes with full ownership to an ever-growing community and awesome utillities.

Each emoticoons 3D character is a fully rigged 3D model and compatible with popular software like Unreal, Blender, Unity, and others. As owner you have access to all unlockable files attached to you Emoticoon NFTs.




Emoticoons are 3D collectibles compatable with AR technology and playable in an open world full adventures and mini-games on the wax blockchain.