Emoticoons Community

Emoticoons discord: https://discord.gg/emoticoons

Emoticoons Founders Pass

We gave away a total of 210 Augmented Reality founders pass NFTs, to the first community members and through a number of giveaways!

Founders Pass NFT (3D Model) AR Ready

Early Supporters Pass

We created an atomichub claim link for 890 whitelisted members who all had the chance to claim 1 of the 800 Early Supporter passes.

Early Supporter Pass NFT

Discord Roles

For linking your wax wallet in our server, and for automatically assigning specific roles in the server, we use the HoneyComb Bot from SIXPM

HoneyComb Bot by SIXPM


Members — 1500
Server Boosters 44 — (37 members)
Founders 250
Early Supporters 800
Admins 7

What Next..?

At the moment we are working on a number of collaborations and setting up various activities. At the same time we are starting the verifications, and we will follow the roadmap, to lay the foundation on the way to phase 1.



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Emoticoons are 3D collectibles compatable with AR technology and playable in an open world full adventures and mini-games on the wax blockchain.