Founder Emoticoon Characters

4 min readFeb 19, 2022

In this article we are going to explain more about the season 1, Founder Emoticoon Character offerings, their Rarities, Attributes, Unlockables, Supply, Staking multipliers, and Drop odds.

During the initial release of the character collectibles, there will be 6 different rarities, and 10 different emotion faces, in total there are 60 different founder emoticoons available during the first sale.

Rare Boxed Emoticoon Character

The Founders Emoticoon Character box is a blind box, when you purchase a blind box, you will recieve a random emoticoons collectible, and you won’t know which collectible you get until you unpack the box.

Emoticoons Character Box

Emoticoons Founders Character Boxes will include:
Boxed Emoticoon HD render
Boxed Emoticoon 3D model with AR/VR technology
Emoticoon Statue HD render
Emoticoon Statue 3D model with AR/VR technology
Fully Rigged Emoticoon character

Box Drop Odds

Common — odds 49,50% | 1/10 common — Odds 4,95%
Uncommon — odds 24,75% | 1/10 uncommon — Odds 2,475%
Rare — odds 12,37% | 1/10 rare — Odds 1,237%
Extra Rare
— odds 8,25% | 1/10 extra rare — Odds 0,825%
Epic — odds 4,12% | 1/10 epic — Odds 0.412%
— odds 1,01% | 1/10 legendary — Odds 0,101%


There are 10 different emoticon faces available in 6 different rarities:

Emoticoon Rarity Bodies

1, Legendary | Gold
2, Epic | Brushed Metal
3, Extra Rare | Copper
4, Rare | Anodized Metal
5, Uncommon | Black Plastic
6, Common | White Plastic


Each Emoticoon character will all have five attribute levels that can be increased within the future game.

The attributes are upgradeable levels and consist of:
ENERGY (ENG) — Energy is needed to play mini games.
XP (XP) — Determines the level of your character
STRENGHT (STR) — Determines the total hit points of a character.
DEFENSE (DEF) — Determines the level of protection of your character
AGILITY (AGY) — Determines the Ability to jump, run and attack.

Upgrade Attribute levels
You will need the potions to level up your character, there attribute levels and gain energy to play more games. Each potion is an NFT and can be sold or used by its owner.

Emoticoons Potion NFTs

The five Potions consist of:
ENERGY | increases the energy level from a character.
XP | increases the over-all level from a character.
STRENGHT | increases the strength level from a character.
DEFENSE | increases the defence level from a character.
AGILITY | increases the agility level from a character.

Supply & Staking Multiplier

Once the EMO token contract is ready and deployed, it will be possible to stake your assets in exchange for staking rewards. Each rarity has its own strike multiplier.

Common: 10 faces | supply 300 each — total 3000 (multiplier: x1)
Uncommon: 10 faces | supply 150 each — total 1500 (multiplier: x2)
Rare: 10 faces | supply 75 each — total 750 (multiplier: x4)
Extra rare: 10 faces | supply 50 each — total 500 (multiplier: x5)
Epic: 10 faces | supply 25 each — total 250 (multiplier: x8)
Legendary: 10 faces | supply 6 each — total 60 (multiplier: x10)

Unlockable files

The 3D emoticoons NFT collection is fully working with augmented reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR). All 3D emoticoon NFTs are packed with files attached to them. Through the Players-hub the owners have access to all unlockable files attached to the Emoticoon NFTs.

Each of your NFTs includes:
1. ​An Augmented Reality 3D file (.GLB and .USDZ)
2. A 3D printable file (.STL)
3. A custom-made profile picture (.JPG and.PNG)
4. Fully commercial rights

Use your Emoticoon NFTs outside the future coonverse, to create games, animations, video’s and more. Each 3D character is AR/VR ready and compatible with popular software like Unreal, Blender, Unity, and others.

The Emoticoons Guide

We are working on a very extensive guide with everything you need to know about emoticoons, it will appear as soon as we go live!

Join the emoticoons discord server, and be part of the community!

Learn more about Emoticoons and download the white paper at




Emoticoons are 3D collectibles compatable with AR technology and playable in an open world full adventures and mini-games on the wax blockchain.