Limited Edition — Booster Sneakers Airdrop +(video)

3 min readFeb 23, 2022

Today we reveal the upcoming limited edition Booster Sneakers, that will be airdropped to the Emoticoons Founders Pass holders. Total Supply 250!

First Emoticoons Wearable NFT (AR+)

A snapshot will be taken on Monday February 28, 2022 from the discord members who have their WAX wallets linked to the HoneyComb server bot, and who own at least 1 Emoticons Founders Pass NFT.

On Tuesday, March 1, 2022, the whitelisted WAX addresses will be able to claim 1 NFT per wallet via the Atomic-hub drop link that will be shared in our discord server. The claim link will remain active for 48 hours, once the 48 hours have expired, the unclaimed Booster Sneakers will be burned.

Limited Edition Founders Booster Sneakers NFT (3D model)

These are not just sneakers, your emoticoon can actually wear these sneakers!! Wearable NFTs are the latest trend in the fast-growing and exciting non-fungible tokens market, and we will not let this pass. We believe that the future of gaming will be revolutionized by NFT wearable ownership.

Think for example of the different asset skins in fortnite or other games, as soon as you buy a skin you can wear it in the game, but you are not the owner outside the game. Blockchain registered assets changes this completely, ensures that you really own it, and that you can do with it whatever you want.

These limited edition Booster Sneakers will help your emoticoon character to run faster in the upcoming mini-games and coonverse. Besides that, these sneakers are equipped with AR/VR files, which means that these sneakers offer endless possibilities in the future of virtual & augmented reality and the associated metaverses.

Limited Edition Founders Booster Sneakers NFT (3D model)

Because the owners of the booster sneakers can download unlockable files in their player-hub dashboard, the limited edition NFTs can also be used outside the emoticoon ecosystem. For example; we are planning future collaborations, which will make it possible to wear the sneakers in other games and metaverses!

Check the Booster Sneakers AR video here!

Click the link above to watch the video!

NFT Wearables are how you flex inside emoticoon game or in another Metaverse! Imagine showing up to a virtual concert with your limited edition Emoticoon Booster Sneakers (Wearable NFT)

In other words, these first Emoticoons wearable NFTs offer a new way to express yourself, give you advantage in our future game, and it is an individual piece of walking art, which can also be worn as a founder status symbol.

Limited Edition Founders Booster Sneakers NFT (3D model)

Don’t miss this very first unique wearable drop from Emoticoons, Quickly get one of the Founder’s Passes via the marketplace, before the snapshot is taken.



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