The Emoticoons (WL) Pre-Sale!


Due to the decision of atomic-hub, only a Whitelisted pre-sale will take place on March 4, 5 and 6, 2022. The public sale will take place in May 2022 as soon as the AH whitelisting is complete. When the whitelist sale is over buyers will be able to unpack there blind boxes to reveal their collectibles.


During the first Emoticoons pre-sale we’ll offer 2 types of blind boxes: Emoticoon Character boxes with 1 emoticoon inside and Emoticoon City Plot Boxes with 1 city plot building inside.

Emoticoons Character Box

Emoticoons Blind Box

Emoticoons City Plot Box

What will happen with the sale funds?

1 — We will create the “Community Fund Wallet’’ where the total 5% collection fee of all secondary sales will be transferred to. These funds will be used for purposes decided by the community.



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Emoticoons are 3D collectibles compatable with AR technology and playable in an open world full adventures and mini-games on the wax blockchain.